Benefits of the Activity Books

About the Books

A.I.R.R is a book. Practical TEKS Activities (PTAs) are a collection of mathematics activities designed to be incorporated into mathematics lessons with students working individually, as a whole class, or in cooperative learning groups. This collection of activities is completely aligned to the STAAR test in that activities are included for each TEKS Objective and Student Expectation.

Because teachers are continuously held accountable for their students' performance in mathematics, this invaluable resource is a useful tool to increase test performance while decreasing teachers' anxiety level. This collection of activities offers a variety of features that makes mathematics relevant.

With Practical TEKS Activities…

The activities can be used to Assess concepts, Introduce concepts, Review concepts, and to Retain the concepts that have been taught. These Practical TAKS Activities can be used in a variety of ways to "AIRR" out your curriculum.

PTA's are designed to help teachers maximize students' individual strengths and accommodate diverse learning styles.

What You Get

PTA's were created with the busy teacher in mind, these books include...

Perfect for Tutoring and Summer School!

Practical TEKS Activities are a must for schools in danger of not meeting AYP (Adequate Yearly Progress)!

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